Natural Fiber Welding Just Got a Roll-to-Roll Belt Press #plantsnotplastic 

A factory with a lot of machines in it.

  Below is a roll-to-roll belt press now installed at NFW. This type of machine is often used to, for example, manufacture millions of square feet per month of… | 13 comments on LinkedIn Source: Luke Haverhals on LinkedIn: #plantsnotplastic | 13 comments In the words of Dr. Haverhals: This type of machine is often […]

Is it Functional as a Sports Shoe or Just Fashion? Nike ISPA Link Axis

Nike air max foxy - white/orange/orange/orange/orange/orange/orange/.

Nike introduces the ISPA Link Axis, its first exploration into creating a fully circular shoe, furthering its culture of innovation. Every part of the Link Axis can be recycled. The design uses interlocking components, as few materials as possible and zero glue. The Link Axis helps move Nike closer to its circular vision — a […]