A golfer swinging his club in the air.

adidas adds Made to be Remade Golf Polo to Game Day


A common phrase one might hear on the golf course is to simply “keep it in play.†Source: Made to be Remade Polo Gives Golfers Another Way to Keep it in Play

One of the best aspects of being involved in EXLOS, is recognizing the changes in how sneakers and apparel are being made. adidas has been a leader in amplifying the need to create clothes with circularity in mind. While real circularity means that a product can be returned to the soil without damaging the soil, the process of getting to that point requires small steps. The Made to be Remade program includes apparel already, but this is the first item from adidas built for the game of golf. With interest in the sport growing because of facilities like Top Golf, more people are buying golf shoes and apparel. It’s important that brands begin to find alternatives to constantly creating apparel for each season. Here in Miami golf is one of the most important sports in the city. With great courses and weather to match, a lot of gear can find its way to the cities various water outlets and beaches. With this new program adidas is helping to EXLOS (extend the life of shirts) by accepting returns on worn clothing and using those items to create new collections. This keeps golfers fresh with thoughtful intent.

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