A woman holding up a white soccer shoe on the beach.

adidas Parley Pack – The First Football/Soccer Boot Designed to Reduce Plastic Waste in Oceans


Source: adidas Launches the Parley Pack – Its First Football Boot Pack Designed to Help Reduce Plastic Waste

While not the solution for saving our oceans, this innovation represents the brand´s commitment towards replacing virgin polyester with recycled solutions by 2024 wherever possible.

It’s important to lead with this quote from the team at adidas. Parley has taken on a never-ending task that could gain from a bit of insight on the Navys of the world. The U.S. Navy has a nightly fantail trash dump. This has been going on in both West Pac cruises and Med Cruises for the Navy. Every battle group goes to the fantail of the ship and tosses the days trash into the ocean. When you consider that there are 7000 sailors on an aircraft carrier alone, and six other ships in a battle group, and then spread that to the Navy’s of other countries, Parley’s battle to clean the oceans feel futile. Parley should be calling on the government to develop solutions to prevent fantail dumping by every country with an active Navy. The cruiseship industry has the same issues.

It’s difficult to celebrate adidas when there are also issues with wages for workers in underdeveloped countries, but every fault of a brand can be countered with a positive and by writing about the good things a company does, the hope is to inspire more good to take place. Since 2015 adidas has been working with Parley and as they admit themselves this is not the solution, but until there is a ban on generating more virgin plastics small steps like this will have to be done and continue to be done or our climate won’t allow for soccer matches to be held any longer. Learn more about adidas’ climate program and this Parley launch by using the link at the lead.