Asics sustainability report 2021.

ASICS Remains One of the More Transparent Companies on Sustainability

Source: ASICS Global – The Official Corporate Website for ASICS and Its Affiliates

All brands should deliver reports on the work they are doing to make better products. ASICS remains a leader in presenting their strategies in an informative package. Highlights of their previous year include:

  1. 28.0% reduction in CO2 emissions from direct operations
  2. 19.7% reduction across our supply chain (compared with 2015 baseline levels) driven by an increase in the use of recycled polyester up to 30%.

ASICS is inviting everyone to, “dive into their report and explore the progress in 2021 as they continue on their road to net-zero by 2050.†Use the source link to read more. If you’d like to begin your recycling journey, use this link to get a free bag to upcycle the sneakers in your closet: RECYCLE 2 – Sneaker Impact