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ASICS Takes the Battle to Allbirds x adidas by Making the Lightest Co2 Emissions Sneaker


GEL-LYTEâ„¢ III CM 1.95 sneaker. Emitting just 1.95kg CO2e across its life cycle, significantly lighter than the lowest CO2e sneakers currently available on the market, it represents a significant leap forward by ASICS in its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Source: ASICS Global

Allbirds and adidas collaborated to build a sneaker with the latest carbon footprint of any running shoe. That decision to combine with another publicly traded company to share intellectual property for the good of the running shoe design seems to have initiated a good competitive spark in other brands. The first brand to come to the table with a comparative project and to seemingly usurp the Allbirds x adidas claim of being the most carbon neutral sneaker is ASICS, who like the 2.94 adiBirds, has named their sneaker 1.95 to fly their banner in the face of both companies. This is the type of competition that makes sense and should begin to inform the design of all sneakers crafted. Kudos to ASICS. Use the source link to read more.

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