A woman is sitting on the ground with a dog and a pair of hiking boots.

Brands You Should Know: Erem – An Earth-Friendly Trek

Erem Footwear specializes in crafting premium desert hiking boots that are sustainably made with 100% Eco-Friendly materials.

Source: Erem – Desert Hiking Boot Company | Made for the Desert

Sneaker Impact may be based in Miami, but we like looking out for those climates where the terrain is a lot more rugged and difficult requiring a tougher pair of shoes. Although our goal is to help you recycle those used sneakers (you can click here to do that), we also understand the importance of buying better to offset footwear becoming waste.

Erem uses a concept named Biocircular: Biocircular means that we make our products using only materials with proven paths back to nature and that we provide each Erem® product a seamless and responsible next life.

The brand has taken every effort to produce a boot that’s good for the environment and if you don’t want to get rid of your pair, you can send them back to be “rebooted”. That’s how footwear should be made. Erem is a brand you should know. Take a few minutes to visit the link above and take a look at their smart SKUs.