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Brands You Should Know: Orba Shoes


Say hello to the shoes that leave no trace. Designed to biodegrade. A world first.

New Zealand is known as the birthplace of a brand of sneakers that have been labeled the most sustainable sneaker company created. That brand recently launched an IPO and has been a darling of Silicon Valley. The reality is that brand built on the quirkiness of their wool sneakers, isn’t the best eco-friendly sneaker from New Zealand. That title should be given to Orba.

Odds are you’ve never heard to Orba and you’re probably wondering why Sneaker Impact, a company that recycles sneakers, would highlight a brand that has created a shoe that can actually be buried in your backyard, and it won’t hurt the environment?

Orba shoes are made from nature and designed to biodegrade, so you can feel good knowing that when you’re ready to say goodbye, your shoes will return to nature, going back into the soil where they came from.

Sneaker Impact does the difficult work of assisting companies that aren’t as eco-friendly and can’t make the changes quickly which would allow the shoes being sold to function like Orba. The road to better is an uphill climb that will take years to fulfill. Sharing information about companies doing sneakers the right way, may chip into the work we are accomplishing, but isn’t that the goal? Shouldn’t the work being done highlight brands doing it better?

Orba is a brand we want to share with you. Sneaker Impact hopes you decide to replace a pair in your closet with a pair of Orba shoes. If you do and you need to take those extra pairs and donate them, let us know by dropping us a line. We will send you a prelabeled bag and you can donate simply by sealing the bag and dropping them at the local FedEx.

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