A pile of shoes stacked on top of each other.

How Sneaker Impact Helps to Create Microbusinesses

A microbusiness is a company identified as a small team with low annual revenue. Learn how microbusinesses work and what your business has access to if identified as one.

Source: What Is a Microbusiness?

Keeping sneakers from a landfill may sound like an admirable cause, and it is, but there is a deeper impact created for society. In the U.S. there are opportunities readily available for people to create jobs. Kids and adults can buy lawnmowers and begin small landscaping companies. A person can take a hobby like thrifting and turn it into a small business to generate income. In the U.S. economy people can work or make the decision to leave good paying jobs to pursue entrepreneurship. In the international space this isn’t the case. Starting a business isn’t as easy as applying for a license and then going for it.

Sneaker Impact may be focused on giving sneakers new life, but one of the most important aspects of the business is the sub-economies being born. In these piles of shoes lies opportunities for smaller businesses to be born in economies from Haiti to marketplaces on the continent of Africa. When we collect these sneakers, we have to sort and package the footwear. That’s job creation. When the shoes arrive in different locations small businesspeople in those countries take the shoes and the distribution is akin to a brand working with wholesale accounts. Sneaker Impact understands the costs associated with launching a business.

From a report on The Balance: “You can think of a microbusiness as a subset of a small business, though it operates and has very different challenges than a small business does. A microbusiness owner needs to create operations, capital needs, and scaling measures that are specific to a microbusiness entity.” Most people in countries with broken economies lack the resources and product to get started. In the U.S. the consumption habits allow for “thrifting” to create auction site styled businesses, but internationally there is an absence of products and consumption. You can’t sell what isn’t sold and produced. Every pound of sneakers Sneaker Impact brings in creates an economic chain providing opportunities for jobs and revenue. While the concept isn’t complex, it’s difficult to do. The Sneaker Impact supply chain is in place and ready to operate with businesses and brands. Help us to create more microbusinesses abroad.

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