Nike shoes on shelves in a warehouse.

Nike’s Reverse Logistics Takes a Sneaker Impact Styled Approach to EXLOS


Nike’s refurbishment program gives new life to once-discarded sneakers.

Source: Nike’s Reverse Logistics Mission To Save Millions of Shoes

Sneaker Impact has been EXLOSing for years (extending the life of sneakers). While Nike’s Reverse Logistics removes shoes from the supply chain created by Sneaker Impact, it’s good to see that the influence companies like ours has fostered is leading to innovation within brands. In the link above, Nike lists and shows how they are EXLOSing their returns and damaged products:

For millions of pairs of Nikes, all roads lead to Nike Rebound, a sprawling reverse logistics facility in Lebanon, Indiana.

“Rebound is where we process all Nike returns in North America, so it’s a big place,†says Valerie Nash, inbound operations manager.

Take a second to click through. If you don’t have a pair of Nike sneakers, that’s fine. You can click our link and we can help you to EXLOS those kicks you no longer wear.

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