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Pangaia Just Delivered the Type of Eco-Transparency All Companies Should Aspire to Share


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In a quirky, fun infographic filled subsite, Pangaia establishes their Earth Positive strategy and then explains in detail how they can create apparel, while remaining conscious of the damage the footwear and apparel industry contributes to. Looking at the connections to their 7 Pillars, the company connects the seams of our planet’s uniform in a thoughtful, informative manner. Through constant research using LCA’s, this is completely counter to the issues that have come to the surface around the use of the HIGG Index to deliver misinformation. Pangaia has introduced seven new and innovative materials and their explanation of synthetic materials is enough to counter any explanation by any brand choosing to continue to utilize petroleum-based fibers:

Synthetic fibers (like polyester and nylon) are typically made from petroleum or coal. They are created ‘synthetically’ by lab-based chemical reactions, rather than occurring in nature (in contrast to ‘natural’ plant fibers like cellulose).

You should definitely take the time to visit this page if you are truly interested in better methods of make for the sneaker and apparel industry.