A store with a sign that says de hardoopwijk.

Sneaker Impact Expands its Collection Footprint into the International Retail Market with De Hardloopwinkel in The Hague

The Running Shop is your specialist for running (

When looking to carry the message of EXLOS to the international market, Sneaker Impact needed a long-time veteran of the industry to assist in making the right connections. Charles van Schaik was just the person for the position and his work in Europe is beginning to take root. The Running Shop is now the first location in the Netherlands to host the Sneaker Impact Collection box for recycling sneakers. Charles will manage the Sneaker Impact brand in this region as we look to make sneaker recycling as common as visiting a fast-food restaurant, but much better for the environment.

About Charles

   Started his career 36 years ago as store manager in a running specialty store

·        From there became a sales rep at Reebok

·        Made a transition into product management by Asics Benelux

·        Product manager Asics Europe Core Performance sport (indoor, tennis)

·        Last 4-years product manager running

·        Product Director Crocs Europe

·        Franchise manger Runnersworld (26 retail outlets in the Netherlands) nothing to do with Runnersworld magazine.

·        Product and merchandising director at TOMS EMEA. 

·        TOMS allowed the staff to join on giving trips to work in close harmony with the NGO’s to see the impact TOMS made in those communities. 

·        Re-org at TOMS landed Charles at Butcher of Blue. His first time in the fashion apparel business.

·        Why Sneaker Impact? I am a strong believer in the mission and a believer that action is the only way to spike change. Extending the life cycle of sneakers and at the same time helping create Micro-economic opportunities to make a living is a great combination.