A black and white trail running shoe.

The Top 5 Women’s White Running Shoes for the Summer Designed More Sustainably 

Sneaker Impact may not sell new shoes, but we know you are probably wondering how you can make a better decision on what you are purchasing. If you can’t pick up a pair of shoes from a resale store to EXLOS (extend the life of a sneaker) and you have to grab a pair of new running shoes, here is a list of sneakers made with a slightly better method of make than traditional trainers. This list is not in the order of the most sustainable sneaker.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 – women’s

The Women’s Fresh Foam running shoe, “meets New Balance’s green leaf standard: upper is made of 50% or more recycled content, and at least one midsole/outsole material contains a minimum of 3% bio-based or 5% recycled content”.

2. ADIZERO X ALLBIRDS 2.94 KG CO2E – women’s

Two brands collide to create one of the least carbon neutral trainers on the market. The Allbirds x adidas collab features, “Bio-based EVA midsole made with 17% plant-based content derived from sugarcane and an upper is partially made of recycled materials.”

3. Merrell Moab Flight Eco Dye – women’s

Merrell has long been a leader in more sustainably made sneakers and boots. This nee Moab Flight trail sneaker is made with, “with solution dyed yarns, a process that uses less water and energy without sacrificing the comfort and durability you expect, 100% recycled mesh upper, 100% recycled laces,100% recycled heel pull tab, 40% recycled mesh lining, 50% recycled mesh lined removable PU insole and Vibram® EcoStep is 30% recycled rubber.”

4. Zen Running Club ZR-01 – women’s

ZRC is a startup running shoe company and they delivered a trainer straight out of the box with as much earth friendly tech as possible. The shoe is on par with any model on this list. Check out the features, “Upper: One piece sock-fit construction digitally knitted from eucalyptus tree fibres. midsole: Sugarcane based foam, sockliner: Castor bean foam with a eucalyptus fabric, and the outsole is made from FSC-certified natural rubber. Vegan approved by The Vegetarian Society.”

5. Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature Premium – women’s

Not exactly all white, but ringing up at a cool 65 bucks, the Revolution, “was responsibly designed utilizing recycled materials from post-consumer and/or post-manufactured waste.” That’s not a bad trade off.

None of these sneakers is made to be circular, but they are a bit better if you are trying to be more thoughtful about the purchases you’re making. We did not include links because our goal isn’t to promote brands so if you like this list and you want to visit the websites, highlight the name, right click and search the web. Thanks for reading and if you have a few pair you need to get rid of before buying more, use our link below to get a free bag shipped to you where you can simply drop the shoes in, seal the bag and drop them off at your closest FedEx: RECYCLE 2 – Sneaker Impact