A pair of blue insoles on a white background.

Tools to Freshen Up Your Old Kicks | Our 2 Favorite Sneaker Insoles

We love to discover new products which could assist you in refreshing those sneakers you have in your closet (if you don’t want to send them to us, lol). One of the best ways to keep a pair out of a landfill is the simplest, insoles. While the outsole of a sneaker is extremely hard to breakdown, the insole of shoes deteriorates causing problems with your arch or other issues with your knees and ankles. While our goal is to obviously get you to hit our recycle button and get those sneakers into new hands to build economies and provide a chance for people who don’t have access to new shoes as easily as Americans do, we also want to highlight companies focused on prolonging the life of footwear.

#1 Birkenstock Birko Sport

Birkenstock makes a footbed that supports healthy feet. If you feel that you aren’t quite ready to send that pair to us, take a second to check out Birko Sport insole. It’s made from the cork that makes the Arizona one of the best-selling shoes on the market and you can use just the insert or the BirkoKork.

#2 Yoursole Thin Performance Insole

Like Birkenstock, Yoursole has taken recycled corks and developed several versions of their insoles. There is a thick, medium and every insole has a wide option. Yoursole should be number one on this list because their first claim is eco-responsible. This insole is carbon negative. We like that.