No more greenwashing emerging industry methodologies and government brands to base sustainability claims on data.

TrusTrace Builds a ‘Blockchained’ Styled Traceable Software Solution

“In the midst of global greenwashing and challenges with unsubstantiated claims, brands and regulators are moving quickly to instill confidence among consumers that products are, indeed, as sustainable as they claim to be. Brands that want to establish near real-time traceability at the lot level by mapping the movement of raw materials to finished goods – and automatically calculate the sustainability metrics of those goods – now have a proven solution in TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance,†said Shameek Ghosh, CEO of TrusTrace. “By linking all purchase orders to production steps, certificates, supplier declarations and quality reports on the TrusTrace platform, TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance helps brands manage risk and compliance and allows them to prove sustainability claims with confidence.â€

Here at Sneaker Impact, it’s important to note companies working to create solutions for managing the supply chains and keeping brands honest and transparent in explaining where their products originate and arrive to market from. TrusTrace is already working with adidas, but we wanted to highlight the company just in case other brands aren’t being completely transparent in their supply chain with their consumers and retailers. While we want to help as a solution to keeping shoes out of landfills, we also see the responsibility of educating and providing important information for improving sustainable measures in the footwear industry. You can visit and learn more about TrusTrace here:

TrusTrace – Leading fashion supply chain traceability software