Sneaker impact on power 995.

Understanding the Mission of Sneaker Impact | Interview on Power 96.5 Miami

There is a lack of understanding of the importance of sneaker recycling. In the U.S. consumers and fans of kicks have so much access to footwear, the country has a skewed vision of what used really looks like. Take for instance a runner who runs 1000 miles in a few months. For that runner those shoes may be broken down and will no longer offer the support they should. For people in other countries that same shoe still has a midsole and outsole and can provide the comfort and protection needed for a person in an underserved country to walk to school, or to work to help provide for their families.

In this interview with the team at Power 96.5 we were able to discuss the benefits of recycling. We hope you enjoy and join us on the mission to get more shoes to the people.