A white sneaker with a yellow sole.

A Takeback Program from UNLESS Collective | More Products that Can Do This


Send us your worn UNLESS pieces & receive credit towards our next drop. We’ll insure they’re repaired, recycled, or composted to harmlessly return to the earth.

Source: Takeback Program | UNLESS Collective

One of the biggest issues many people seem to have with Sneaker Impact is the fact that we are not a charity. It’s one of the difficult aspects of explaining how the business operates. Our goal is to create microeconomic opportunities for developing countries utilizing sneakers. Our EXLOS concept, as we’ve explained often, is not a final solution. It’s one step in extending the life of used sneakers and keeping them out of the landfill longer. In the future we hope to solve the problem, but with production of footwear manufactured with plastic and glues that harm the environment at an all-time high, to prevent sneakers filling landfills will take a combination of customer awareness, brand’s implementing better methods of make, and newer brands walking into retail with models like Unless Collective.

Their first sneaker is being rolled out, but what’s impressive is that EVERYTHING they make can be composted. Unless is one of the few “takeback” programs we want to highlight because the company has created the best product development and end of life solution in the industry. We hope that other companies follow suit, but we also understand how hard that is. Do you know any other companies that have true end of life solutions in play? Let us know. We’d love to highlight them.

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