A woman riding a horse in a pair of sneakers.

Style-Forward Sustainable Sneakers

The first wave of sustainable sneakers in the early 2000s left much to be desired in terms of style and product design. Even then, pioneers of this now-growing category are celebrated as trailblazers that inspired a new crop of responsible brands. They also sparked a revolution in design that upholds planet, community, and fair trade as key pillars of the creative process. Through their game changing work, emerging sneaker labels have come up with fresh ideas meant to reshape the street style game.

In recent years, Veja has enjoyed top-of-mind, cult-favorite status. The French brand is immediately identified as one of the most style-forward sustainable sneaker brands out in the market today. In sartorial shorthand, a pair of the V-10s or Esplars translates to evolved, modern, responsible fashion enthusiast. Classic, versatile design punctuated by a distinct V logo on the sides, lends wearers je ne sais quo elegance. It has also helped that celebrities like Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, and Emily Ratajkowski have been practically living their their Veja’s.

Apart from the much-talked about top performing label, these innovative, emerging labels from all around the world, are helping to amplify the conversation on design as a sustainable solution and way of life. Tried, tested, and vetted, these top three brands are shaping the way we shift towards responsible fashion consumption—one step at a time.