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Author and Speaker J.L. Morrison Helps Kick Sneaker Recycling into Canada

Source: Home – Janet-Lynn

No, that isn’t the amazing Carrol from the Walking Dead, but she is just as talented and motivated to snap people from their slumber when it comes to literature, fitness and now sneaker recycling. (Pictured with her book Surviving Seventeen)

When looking to expand our footprint into other countries, we rely on partners who understand the importance of leaving the world a better place. This has landed Sneaker Impact in the Netherlands and now we have an amazing partner in Canada. It’s difficult to find the right connections, but sometimes someone lands a spin-kick right into our line of sight. We had the chance to learn about Janet-Lynn Morrison, aka J.L, from her work in the literary world. Her book Forever is Today won two awards and is in consideration for film option. It can be heard in audiobook form and purchased on Amazon, but when she isn’t speaking and sharing her passion for literature and life, the sounds coming from J.L. are resounding thunderous punches and roundhouse kicks to a heavy bag.

J.L. Morrison is the owner of 9Round a boutique 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness center where she will have recycling containers and she will use straight punches, a few hooks and uppercuts…or an elbow to educate people about the importance of EXLOS (extending the life of sneakers), just kidding. In her own words she explains why she decided to add another task to a challenging schedule:

My passion is helping people. In my search to make a larger impact
in my corner of the world and to inspire others, I came across this
initiative. What better way to bring people together and help others?
I am so motivated to be a part of growing Sneaker Impact across the
globe. There is no better time than now to raise awareness about where
our sneakers end up and the useless act of throwing them away.
Everyone benefits when we work together and all it takes is simply
donating a small amount of time to spread the word or donate a pair of
used sneakers. One pair of sneakers can change everything for

We couldn’t have said it better.

J.L. is an inspiration. We want to share that her newest book comes out in February 2023. Her first work of non-fiction is titled “The Million Dollar Soup.” The book is all about capturing those late-night dreams and aspirations and converting them into action and opportunity. Dream attainment is something we understand 100% and that’s why we are excited to welcome to the Sneaker Impact family J.L. Morrison, you are appreciated.

Discover more about J.L. online through her site or join her at 9Round: 221 Woodlawn Rd West in Guelph, Ontario.

Source: Home – Janet-Lynn