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Brands You Should Know: Blueview the First Biodegradable Sneaker Brand



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BLUEVIEW | Sustainable Shoes & Biodegradable Footwear (

Being first is a difficult task. To minimize risk and save capital, most startups will create a product or a service offering benefits beyond the scope of the item they’ve created. Toms launched the charity movement, and everyone followed. They led with a shoe that was simple in construction and offered simplicity. The company exploded. Sometimes it’s lightning in a bottle because no one thought to be innovative beyond the product. Blueview is in a similar position.


As the information swirls around new brands celebrating the technology and materials allowing their kicks to be fully biodegradable, the simple, less exciting first brand to accomplish something becomes an afterthought. Innovation is funny that way. The new, shiny object attracts the eyes, but it’s the work that’s important and Blueview footwear and their simple surf styled sneaker is evidence of a company working hard to change the industry one sneaker at a time. The company is helmed by Tom Cooke and Stephen Mayfield. Cooke, Blueivew’s president, worked with VF Corporation’s Vans and Mayfield, who acts as CEO, is the bio-scientist. The duo, both surfers who understand the issues the footwear industry created and continues to pour into, understood something in the footwear industry needed to change. Their accomplishment arrived into a marketplace where brands are only covered when involved with athletes and streetwear. The fanfare isn’t playing loudly for companies doing the right thing, so Sneaker Impact wanted to shine a light on Blueview as a brand you should know. Take the time to visit their website and learn more.

BLUEVIEW | Sustainable Shoes & Biodegradable Footwear (


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