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COMUNITYMade Delivers a Checklist on How to Buy Better Sneakers

Sneaker Impact operates in a world where we assist brands and retailers in finding underserved countries to extend the life of used and damaged sneakers. As brands begin to build better footwear and as the brands initiate takeback programs, we understand that our ability to help will diminish. While this is a good thing, the reality is not enough companies are taking on the responsibility of keeping their footwear out of landfills, so the work at Sneaker Impact will always have a place. What we realize is that we have a platform. Sharing the important information for consumers is just as important as offering solutions for recycling.


After browsing the web for information on more responsible footwear design, we discovered a list written by the team at COMUNITYmade. COMUNITYmade is a small footwear company centered in Downtown Los Angeles. They handcraft their sneakers in L.A. It’s the type of business that would be right at home in Wynwood here in Miami. Their cobblers use different methods of make to craft a series of beautiful sneakers handmade when you order. CM’s business strategies limit the amount of CO2 generated by factories. When sneakers are made to order, there isn’t any warehousing, there isn’t any shipping that takes place when shoes are made in different countries and handcrafted means the machines utilized don’t require the same amount of energy. That’s important, but what is also important is understanding how to choose better.

One of the best ways for the everyday person to help reduce the amount of waste is to buy better footwear. A better sneaker may be a bit more expensive, but the shoes last longer and handcrafted can be resoled and remade with CM’s quality guarantee. How do you buy better if you don’t know the signs? Sean Scott, co-founder of the brand has created a series of steps to help you understand. We will share a few steps here and leave a link to the page on COMUNITYmade’s site. If you haven’t chosen CM as your brand of choice and still need to recycle those used sneakers visit our recycle page and let us send you a bag. The next sneaker you pick up, give COMUNITYmade a try and tell them Sneaker Impact told you about them.

  1. Look at the stitching

  2. Check the material

  3. Check the construction

  4. Does it have a leather inner lining?

  5. Buy quality shoes at

Source: How To Tell If A Shoe Is Well Made