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Nike Adds Another UpCycling Strategy: Re-Creation Program

The LA-based pilot program uses excess or dead stock pieces that otherwise would have gone to recycling or the landfill to create unique garments.

Source: Nike Re-Creation Program

As brands become more vocal about their recycling and upcycling strategies, Sneaker Impact will continue to share each step. Our goal is always EXLOS and as more brands do the work needed to slow down footwear and apparel heading into landfills, sharing that work is an important part of educating the consumer about better buying options. It’s important to note that Nike makes so many products that this small program based in Los Angeles isn’t making a dent, but if the Swoosh decides to roll out the plan across the country, it could be a revolutionary step allowing for new designs to still be born without constantly overproducing entire collections every season. Use the source link to check out Nike’s latest foray into upcycling.