90 less waste to landfill.

Generating Energy from Unusable Sneakers?


WIN Waste Innovations is one of the most notable energy from waste services company, find out if our capabilities can meet your needs.

When Sneaker Impact began to increase the reach of the company by partnering with retailers and gyms, most of the footwear recycled could be cleaned (90%) and placed into new economies to extend the life of the sneaker. About 10% of those shoes arriving had been worn through. For a while these damaged sneakers took up considerable space in the warehouse and being completely transparent, for a time the end of life was doing more damage than good. Instead of continuing to allow any product to find its way back into the environment, Sneaker Impact buckled down and spent the time to find solutions.

An immediate opportunity presented itself after watching a PBS Documentary on the waste and landfill issues plaguing New York City. In the documentary, waste plant supervisors discussed the creation of facilities designed to take waste and turn it into energy for the power grid. The team at Sneaker Impact understood that moving that small amount of damaged product into post waste companies grinding sneakers and turning them into new products was a good solution, but it would also require moving that post waste into containers and moving those containers thousands of miles contributing to the carbon footprint. The facilities for grinding and separating sneakers aren’t readily available in the U.S.


After researching our home of Miami, we discovered a much closer solution by partnering with Waste Innovations for their Curb to Grid Services. The distance traveled to Broward is easily managed and Sneaker Impact would be contributing to the state of Florida’s energy management. While not a final solution, contrary to what many understand, the process includes Metal Recovery and Air Quality Control. These processes offset the remaining Bottom Ash and Fly Ash. Bottom Ash is the residue settling inside of the equipment. Fly Ash are the fine particles which could escape into the atmosphere. The Air Quality Control aspect pulls damaging particles and filters harmful elements. Bottom Ash is utilized in the construction of concrete and in building roads. Waste Innovations is helping Sneaker Impact to better solve problems. We are now capable of helping more businesses and individuals to EXLOS, but we know the best solution is to buy better and manufacture better products. Read more about Waste Innovations here: Curb-to-Grid Service | WIN Waste (