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The Industry’s Support and Logistics Partner for Returns and Damaged Sneakers | Sneaker Impact

Sneaker Impact’s Support and Logistics program provides brands and retailers with a chance to unclutter and clear backlog in storerooms and warehouses from returns and damaged sneakers that can’t be sold in the traditional outlets to consumers. As e-commerce continues to grow and brands move towards longer return policy periods, damaged and unsellable inventory can contribute to back-of-house issues. Sneaker Impact allows retailers and brands to remain true to sustainability targets with our six-line strategy to assist your company in reducing dead inventory, while also EXLOSing (Extending the Life of Sneakers) for a purpose.

  • Sneaker Impact has an extensive budget to support billion-dollar brands or mom and pop sneaker shops
  • Our warehouse capabilities and logistics and freight systems are fast and efficient
  • Seasonal closeouts, worn sneakers, it doesn’t matter we can help you to regain storeroom space
  • Non-competitive support is our calling card. Your inventory will never be sold on or placed into third party platforms.

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