Soorty Regenagri Initiative (SRI) innovative collaboration with the Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS)

Soorty Denimkind | Global Denim Manufacturing Powerhouse

Since its inception in April 2023, the initiative has already made significant inroads, partnering with over 1100 small-scale farmers across an expanse of approximately 5000 acres. These farmers are being trained in regenerative farming practices that not only yield immediate environmental benefits but also promise long-term prosperity and sustainability.

Sneaker Impact’s blog consistently promotes ventures in the footwear industry which are more important than more popular topics of hyped releases. The goal is to inform and educate consumers on the importance of recycling and circularity in a consumer-based economy.

Regenerative Farming is misunderstood but is critical in creating a more diverse supply chain capable of offering materials which are rooted in a better method of make. Consumers need to be aware of these farming practices because they are ultimately responsible for how brands create and produce goods.

A consumer can’t refuse to buy fast fashion if they aren’t aware of better options. When consumers stop buying fast fashion, brands won’t make it. Consumers need to understand everything can’t be priced at rock bottom prices and be created in a sustainable manner. In the perfect world shoppers would stop buying just because it’s cheap.

Soorty is attempting to incorporate a better option for denim. It’s a lot like Sneaker Impact’s attempt at finding a way to safely and responsibly disassembled damaged and used footwear. While repurposing isn’t as vital as regenerative farming every aspect of finding a way to extend the life of shoes and make better shoes and products is worthy of discussion and understanding. Read more about Soorty’s Farming strategy on the link at the lead of this post. Learn more about Sneaker Impact’s research and development below.

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