A black sneaker with a speckled sole.

The Most Responsibly Made Boot for this Fall Arrives from Camper Brand | The Brutus MIRUM®

This plant-based material with no plastics or synthetic fibers was developed by Natural Fiber Welding, based on the logic that renewable plant sources grow abundantly on earth.

Made from all-natural ingredients like coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork, MIRUM® is sustainable and circular, easily recycled at the end of its life.

Source: Made with MIRUM® USA

Natural Fiber Welding remains the leading company looking to make the work at Sneaker Impact obsolete. Our goal is to keep sneakers and shoes out of landfills and provide underserved communities with products to improve their economic circumstances. This depends on recycling sneakers to avoid the toxic materials used in the footwear from entering landfills prematurely. We realize that most sneaker brands haven’t heard of NFW or their materials Clarus and Mirum. We understand how long it will take for supply chains to be adapted to work with a company like NFW. With this as a reality, we continue working to assist individuals, brand and retailers to EXLOS, but we also celebrate brands implementing more circular products into their product mix. Camper is showing they are dedicated to offering a variety of products using Mirum. After releasing their Mirum Runner, they have followed up with the Camper Brutus boot made with Mirum.

K400325-034 - Brutus

Camper’s Brutus boot takes end of life into consideration by offering a biodegradable upper. Mirum’s plant-based construction, unlike vegan leathers filled with petroleum-based binders, is held together using all-natural plant fibers. While the outsole isn’t completely biodegrable, it does feature Organix 30% sugarcane which is an improvement over traditional construction. Mirum utilizes technology built by both biological scientists and soil scientists to create plant-based materials with the same beautiful aspects of leather shoes. As the fall and winter months arrive this alternative, truly vegan alternative for those looking for boots is definitely a brand you should know.

K400325-035 - Brutus