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The Netherland’s Elite Running Store De Hardloopwinkel Leads the Way with Sneaker Recycling at All Locations

De Hardloopwinkel is jouw specialist voor hardlopen

At a time when most retailers are focused on Black Friday and capturing as many sales as possible before the end of the fiscal year, De Hardloopwinkel is working with Sneaker Impact’s Charles van Schaik to add recycling boxes to each of their doors. Runners tend to go through sneakers at a much faster rate than any other segment in the sneaker marketplace. As the miles add up, the structure of the sneaker is no longer suitable for performing at the level needed by athletes. This doesn’t mean the shoes aren’t still useful. The foam and upper, once they are conditioned and cleaned, can still be useful for people in developing countries. De Hardloopwinkel has recognized that they can do more to help prevent those older pairs from entering landfills too soon. Customers can return pairs to these locations:

Rotterdam (2nd biggest city in the Netherlands)
Den Haag (3rd biggest city in the Netherlands)