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If This Sneaker Hits the Landfill, We Won’t Complain | DEGENERATE from UNLESS Collective

All PLANTS, no PLASTIC. Introducing the first regenerative sneaker from UNLESS. From the 100% plant-based leather to the natural rubber outsole, all the way down to the tips of the laces – every part of this statement sneaker is made from plants. The future of sustainable sneakers is plastic-free.

Source: The DEGENERATE | Earth’s Favorite Shoe | UNLESS Collective

At Sneaker Impact we’ve discussed the idea of a time when recycling sneakers wouldn’t have to be done. We’ve pondered what Sneaker Impact would become when this happened. We never thought that moment would arrive this soon, but it has. Unless, a streetwear company founded by Eric Eric Liedtke former president at adidas who signed Kanye West to the brand, has made their goal to create fashion that is good for the planet. 

The brand Unless realizes that creatives are going to want to wear dope clothing and will want to create new looks and fashion, but the brand also recognizes the importance of creating via a better method of make. Everything the company makes is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the planet. We at Sneaker Impact never thought there could be a sneaker that was completely biodegradable. We knew that companies like Natural Fiber Welding had created truly plant-based materials that took end-of-life into consideration. We knew NFW hired soil scientists to ensure that what was being developed didn’t harm the planet, but the Degenerate from Unless combines the business methodology and science to deliver a sneaker that can be composted!


This won’t exactly make Sneaker Impact irrelevant, considering every other brand on the market is utilizing harmful materials in the sneakers they make, but we are excited about the future of footwear, and we celebrate Unless and NFW for bringing the future to the present with the release of this new sneaker. We only hope the rest of the market learns and creates better footwear. Yeah, it will make what we do less important, but that would also mean people are loving on our planet and that makes us smile. Check out the new sneaker from Unless here:

The DEGENERATE | Earth’s Favorite Shoe | UNLESS Collective

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