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Watching and Learning: Nike’s H₂ Barge 1 Transports In Europe

One of the biggest issues Sneaker Impact faces is finding a way to account for the End of Life for all of the sneakers we collect. We know we are extending the life of sneakers by taking damaged and used footwear and creating microeconomic opportunities, but what we hope to discover is a method to diminish our own carbon footprint and find a way to understand where the ultimate landing location is for footwear we’ve helped to live longer.

As we begin to look at better ways to do what we do, we look to larger brands attempting to be a bit better in what they do. Nike is launching a hydrogen powered small container ship to carry product between countries in Europe. Nike has a lot of work to do to offset their carbon footprint. The brand has to update their method of make and use better materials, while hopefully expanding the Hâ‚‚ Barge 1 to larger container ships.  Electric vehicles for transport here in the States is critical as well. We realize we can be better and learning from the bigger companies’ better strategies will be important as Sneaker Impact continues to grow. This is only a small step, but small steps move us all forward.


Nike Launches First Hydrogen-Powered Inland Container Ship — NIKE, Inc.

  • Nike has launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered inland container ship, the “Hâ‚‚ Barge 1,†taking action to help create a better world for all athletes.
  • The “Hâ‚‚ Barge 1†will transport NIKE, Inc. product for Europe, sailing between Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Nike’s European Logistics Campus in Belgium.
  • The company projects that the “Hâ‚‚ Barge 1,†a zero-carbon-dioxide-emissions inland vessel, will result in a reduction of 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • The barge is another component to Nike’s enterprise-wide effort to reduce carbon emissions and get products to athletes with less impact on the planet.