Source Materials to Recycle with Sneaker Impact

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Sneaker Impact is a source for Sneaker Manufacturers looking to create products from post-consumer waste. Brands currently utilizing recycled plastics we invite you to visit our warehouse in Miami to source products for insole, midsole and outsole manufacturing. The same methods utilized in sourcing recycled PET for knit based uppers can be utilized in breaking […]

FDRA #333 Enhancing Your Global Impact With Sneaker Impact | Shoe-In-Show

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#333 Enhancing Your Global Impact With Sneaker Impact – Shoe-In ( Sneaker Impact CEO Moe Hachem and shoe industry veteran John Licata join Andy and Sandi to talk about their amazing shoe stories and how they drive critical environmental change through Sneaker Impact. Check out to learn more about how to change the world […]

PBS Delivers an Informative Video on Upcycling and the Harmful Impact of Polyester

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Sneaker Impact has always been interested in how different age groups approach recycling and upcycling. With our ability to take on your sneaker donations, learning about the direction of retail and if people are truly going to begin buying better and buying less is extremely important to our team. This video provides an insightful explanation […]

Pangaia Just Delivered the Type of Eco-Transparency All Companies Should Aspire to Share

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  Origins ( In a quirky, fun infographic filled subsite, Pangaia establishes their Earth Positive strategy and then explains in detail how they can create apparel, while remaining conscious of the damage the footwear and apparel industry contributes to. Looking at the connections to their 7 Pillars, the company connects the seams of our planet’s […]

Brands You Should Know | TS Designs: Cultivating Responsible Clothing™ 

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TS Designs is a screen printing company committed to sustainability. We offer unique t-shirt brands that focus on local, transparent supply chains. Source: TS Designs | Cultivating Responsible Clothingâ„¢ – Pursuing Sustainability We learned some cool info about one of the brands we think you should be checking out. They explained Garment Dye and it […]

Brands You Should Know: Erem – An Earth-Friendly Trek

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Erem Footwear specializes in crafting premium desert hiking boots that are sustainably made with 100% Eco-Friendly materials. Source: Erem – Desert Hiking Boot Company | Made for the Desert Sneaker Impact may be based in Miami, but we like looking out for those climates where the terrain is a lot more rugged and difficult requiring […]

Natural Fiber Welding Defines Circularity and Every Industry Should Listen

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Existing definitions of circularity miss the mark. Download our latest white paper to learn how Earth’s natural circularity is the gold standard. Source: How industry circularity definitions differ from nature and why it matters Seeing our model of circularity in the recent report by Natural Fiber Welding is eye-opening and humbling. In the paper NFW […]

Brands You Should Know: Orba Shoes

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  Say hello to the shoes that leave no trace. Designed to biodegrade. A world first. New Zealand is known as the birthplace of a brand of sneakers that have been labeled the most sustainable sneaker company created. That brand recently launched an IPO and has been a darling of Silicon Valley. The reality is […]