New Balance Adds an EXLOS Styled Platform in Reconsidered

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New Balance’s Reconsidered Resale program is akin to Nike’s Refurbished program and other brands attempting to navigate the growing world of DTC. Sneaker Impact loves the language used by New Balance, “Reconsidered Launch Aims to Support the Brand’s Commitment to Extend the Lifecycle of Its Products.”  At Sneaker Impact when we coined the term EXLOS […]

The Sourcing Journal Highlights Sneaker Impact’s AI-Driven Tech Research

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  The Florida-based group has deployed technology that allows for the deconstruction of old shoes, and the sortation of waste materials for recycling. Source: Sneaker Impact Uses AI-Driven Tech to Deconstruct Shoes for Recycling The technology is moving along but is far from being ready for brands and retailers to take advantage of. In the […]

Research and Development at Sneaker Impact

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TOMRA’s mission is to transform how we all obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste. Source: Transforming how we obtain, use and reuse our planet’s resources – TOMRA Sneaker Impact takes recycled sneakers and creates microeconomies, but what happens when those sneakers are too worn and damaged? Initially we […]

Planet Fitness x Sneaker Impact | A Partnership to EXLOS and Support Communities

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Sneaker Impact created the Collect and Match Program to provide fitness gyms an additional incentive to motivate members to reconsider tossing their old sneakers into a bin where they will eventually find their way to landfills. Studies show that businesses offering recycling programs have higher engagement with potential fans and members. The Collect and Match […]

Rack Room Teams with Sneaker Impact

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As part of Rack Room Shoes’ efforts to evolve products and processes for a more sustainable future, the family chain is launching a new initiative with recycling partner, Sneaker Impact. Customers can now donate gently worn sneakers by placing them in a collection box at any Rack Room Shoes location to reduce waste across the company’s footprint, […]


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What’s the most responsible way to dispose of shoes once they’re worn past the point of no return? I don’t want them to end up in a landfill, but I know I can’t just put them out on the curb with my cardboard and glass for recycling. Perhaps your soles look like Swiss cheese or […]

Keep old shoes out of landfills with our expert tips.

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Shoe recycling is a great way to avoid wasting old, unwanted shoes. Even the best quality shoes wear out at some point, and it’s helpful to know what’s the most eco-friendly course of action when that happens. In 2019, 24.3 billion pairs of shoes were produced, and most of them were or will be sent to landfill.1 While […]

Generating Energy from Unusable Sneakers?

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  WIN Waste Innovations is one of the most notable energy from waste services company, find out if our capabilities can meet your needs. When Sneaker Impact began to increase the reach of the company by partnering with retailers and gyms, most of the footwear recycled could be cleaned (90%) and placed into new economies […]

PBS Delivers an Informative Video on Upcycling and the Harmful Impact of Polyester

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Sneaker Impact has always been interested in how different age groups approach recycling and upcycling. With our ability to take on your sneaker donations, learning about the direction of retail and if people are truly going to begin buying better and buying less is extremely important to our team. This video provides an insightful explanation […]