ASICS NIMBUS MIRAI™ Shows the Difficulty of Adopting New Materials

Source: MADE TO BE RETURNED: ASICS ANNOUNCES THE NIMBUS MIRAI™ RUNNING SHOE – ITS MOST CIRCULAR SHOE EVER There are companies creating better materials for footwear production. Scientists are generating biodegradable materials for footwear and apparel. These materials from startup companies are better for the planet, but without the funding and adoption by brands, these […]

Soorty Regenagri Initiative (SRI) innovative collaboration with the Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS)

Soorty Denimkind | Global Denim Manufacturing Powerhouse Since its inception in April 2023, the initiative has already made significant inroads, partnering with over 1100 small-scale farmers across an expanse of approximately 5000 acres. These farmers are being trained in regenerative farming practices that not only yield immediate environmental benefits but also promise long-term prosperity and […]

TrusTrace Completes (U.S.) $24 Million Growth Investment Led by Circularity Capital to Drive Global Expansion

A group of men standing next to each other.

TrusTrace, a global SaaS company with a market-leading platform for product traceability and compliance, has announced the completion of a (U.S.) $24 million growth investment led by Circularity Capital, a specialist investor in businesses that enable the circular economy, with participation from existing investors Industrifonden and Fairpoint Capital. According to Shameek Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder of TrusTrace, the new […]

Natural Fiber Welding Just Got a Roll-to-Roll Belt Press #plantsnotplastic 

A factory with a lot of machines in it.

  Below is a roll-to-roll belt press now installed at NFW. This type of machine is often used to, for example, manufacture millions of square feet per month of… | 13 comments on LinkedIn Source: Luke Haverhals on LinkedIn: #plantsnotplastic | 13 comments In the words of Dr. Haverhals: This type of machine is often […]

A Takeback Program from UNLESS Collective | More Products that Can Do This

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  Send us your worn UNLESS pieces & receive credit towards our next drop. We’ll insure they’re repaired, recycled, or composted to harmlessly return to the earth. Source: Takeback Program | UNLESS Collective One of the biggest issues many people seem to have with Sneaker Impact is the fact that we are not a charity. […]

The Most Responsibly Made Boot for this Fall Arrives from Camper Brand | The Brutus MIRUM®

A black sneaker with a speckled sole.

This plant-based material with no plastics or synthetic fibers was developed by Natural Fiber Welding, based on the logic that renewable plant sources grow abundantly on earth. Made from all-natural ingredients like coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork, MIRUM® is sustainable and circular, easily recycled at the end of its life. Source: Made with MIRUM® […]

Sneaker Impact Offers a Solution for Excess Inventory from Brands Like Nike

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Inventories for NIKE, Inc. were $9.7 billion, up 44 percent compared to the prior year period, driven by elevated in-transit inventories from ongoing supply chain volatility, partially offset by strong consumer demand during the quarter. NIKE, Inc. Newsroom: Press Releases, Product Announcements and Media Resources — NIKE, Inc. Nike’s recent announcement sent shockwaves through retail. […]

This Nike B.I.L.L. (Bot Initiated Longevity Lab) Doesn’t Hurt Your Pockets

Nike air force shoe being made by a machine.

Nike B.I.L.L. Bot Initiated Longevity Lab — NIKE, Inc. Debuting in Nike Town London, B.I.L.L. (Bot Initiated Longevity Lab), is a robot-augmented system designed to clean and repair shoes with selected customizations. Nike launched B.I.L.L. and while many may complain of rising prices, the currently free service utilizes technology to do one of our favorite […]

Natural Fiber Welding Defines Circularity and Every Industry Should Listen

A circular diagram of a forest with a pair of shoes in the middle.

Existing definitions of circularity miss the mark. Download our latest white paper to learn how Earth’s natural circularity is the gold standard. Source: How industry circularity definitions differ from nature and why it matters Seeing our model of circularity in the recent report by Natural Fiber Welding is eye-opening and humbling. In the paper NFW […]