Partnerships and Collabs: Memphis Keep Tennessee Beautiful x Sneaker Impact in November

Recycle your sneakers tennessee.

For the entire month of November, Memphis residents can drop their gently worn sneakers off at any participating Boys and Girls Club. Keeping communities safe and clean does not stop at recycling trash and cleaning up litter. Keep Tennessee Beautiful said it will host a month-long sneaker drive to encourage recycling, finding a creative way to […]

Source Materials to Recycle with Sneaker Impact

Sneaker Impact is a source for Sneaker Manufacturers looking to create products from post-consumer waste. Brands currently utilizing recycled plastics we invite you to visit our warehouse in Miami to source products for insole, midsole and outsole manufacturing. The same methods utilized in sourcing recycled PET for knit based uppers can be utilized in breaking […]

FDRA #333 Enhancing Your Global Impact With Sneaker Impact | Shoe-In-Show

Shoe - in covering the ins and outs of all footwear.

#333 Enhancing Your Global Impact With Sneaker Impact – Shoe-In ( Sneaker Impact CEO Moe Hachem and shoe industry veteran John Licata join Andy and Sandi to talk about their amazing shoe stories and how they drive critical environmental change through Sneaker Impact. Check out to learn more about how to change the world […]

Brands You Should Know: Erem – An Earth-Friendly Trek

A woman is sitting on the ground with a dog and a pair of hiking boots.

Erem Footwear specializes in crafting premium desert hiking boots that are sustainably made with 100% Eco-Friendly materials. Source: Erem – Desert Hiking Boot Company | Made for the Desert Sneaker Impact may be based in Miami, but we like looking out for those climates where the terrain is a lot more rugged and difficult requiring […]

How to Send Sneakers to Sneaker Impact?

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Sneaker Impact is a site where you can request a bag and it arrives in your mailbox, pre-labeled and ready to fill with 3 to 5 pairs of sneakers that you no longer wear. The company also works with retailers and brands to upcycle used and slightly damaged footwear. Sneaker Impact takes the shoes, and […]

COMUNITYMade Delivers a Checklist on How to Buy Better Sneakers

A man is working on a pair of brown leather shoes.

Sneaker Impact operates in a world where we assist brands and retailers in finding underserved countries to extend the life of used and damaged sneakers. As brands begin to build better footwear and as the brands initiate takeback programs, we understand that our ability to help will diminish. While this is a good thing, the […]

5 All-White Classic Court Shoes Made More Sustainably

A white leather sneaker with grey detailing.

Sneaker Impact would love for everyone to wear recycled or reused sneakers, but we understand that being able to pick up a new pair of fresh sneakers can provide a bit of style and confidence in some instances. While a new pair isn’t necessary for you to feel good about yourself, it doesn’t hurt to […]

What We Do Isn’t Easy, but the Work Changes Lives

A pile of shoes in a cardboard box.

Our warehouse isn’t as big as an Amazon Fulfillment Center, but if it was empty a football field isn’t a bad comparison. Straddling the line of different areas of Miami, it would be easy to pass our building and you wouldn’t think anything of it. There are a few cars parked outside. Trucks pull up […]